Hitzig Brother Bio

Both hailing from West Virginia, and being brothers, it would make sense that the “Hitzig Brothers” have played lots of music together from a young age.  However they didn’t start playing music with each other until about 2008. They found that they had a very strong musical connection and so decided to pursue it to the ends of the Earth.     “Hitzig Brothers”    blend their original music with traditional Appalachian and Irish fiddle tunes, along with old-style country, to create a style unique unto them selves.  The result is a multifaceted sound that grows and evolves throughout the performance.
Xander Hitzig
Xander Hitzig was a "free-range child", raised up in the hills of West Virginia.
Runnin through the woods and swimmin in the rivers.
You can hear all that in his music.
Xander got hooked on playin music when he was about 12 years old and never looked back.
He plays the Tenor Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar and he sings. When he’s not gigin’ he spends most of his time writing melodies and lyrics.
Xander has spent the last 7 years on the road and for the 8 years before that he was playin’ several nights a week in southern West Virginia where he’s from.

Orion Hitzig
Orion Hitzig is a West Virginia born mandolin player with a love of traditional and non-traditional music.  However, in his early years he had a hard time finding an avenue for his love of playing.  While his fellow band member and brother, Xander Hitzig (Fiddle, guitar, tenor banjo, lead and backup vocals) was active in multiple bands and genre bending song writing, it wasn’t until years later that he picked up the mandolin, where he truly found his place in music.
With combined effort, Xander and other various band members, basically forced Orion to play the first of many gigs to come.  Their combined teachings of the mandolin, none of whom are mandolin players, gave Orion a strong, new, and original style rarely heard from mandolin players.  What you will hear today from Orion’s mandolin is bluegrass, jazz, old time and Celtic styles influenced by everything from rock to classical, hardened by life on the road.